When you ride a taxi, it’s given that you will pay higher fare compared to another mode of transportation such as jeepney. However, this passenger paid the taxi driver only PhP5.00 and not the amount on the taximeter which is PhP130.00.

Pissed off, a taxi driver took a video of his female passenger who rode his taxi without hesitation knowing that she only has PhP5.00 on hand.

In the video, a woman can be seen getting off the taxi after paying just PhP5.00, much lower than the fare which is on the taximeter amounting to PhP130.00 and even lower than the minimum fare on jeepneys.

The woman also said that she doesn’t have money and have a lot of problems. She also mentioned taking her own life because of the problems she has.

However, netizens couldn’t agree with the woman.

“Kawawa naman si kuya ang hirap mag hanap buhay. Kung wala siyang pera dapat sa bus or jeep nalang siya pasosyal sosyal pa wala naman palangpera,” says one netizen.

“Kawawa naman si kuya driver..paano kaya maiiwasan yung mga ganyang pasahero?” says another netizen.

“Baka modus naniyayan.hindi lang siguro ikaw ang nabiktima niyan,” says a netizen.

The identity of the woman remains unknown but her face was clearly seen in the video.

See clip below

Ang lakas NG loob mgtaxi walang pambayad,,,,😡😡😡

Posted by Friendy Tenoria on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

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