A Filipina domestic helper was accused of trying to hurt her employer, something that she will never do, claims her daughter.

Marylyn Bahade Gaor posted a long post on Facebook asking for help for her OFW mother who was accused wrongly by her employer.

Gracelyn Bahade, 37-years-old, went to Saudi Arabia to support the needs of her 4 children as she is a single mother. However, instead of happiness, her eldest daughter Marylyn feels worried for her mother who was accused of something she believes her mother will never do.

The first incident of bad treatment happened when the teenager son of her employer escape from their home. The OFW who was busy doing household chores didn’t notice that the son escaped through the window of his room.

When her employer arrived, they found out about the incident and their anger were poured over Gracelyn. She was punched by her employer and her mobile phone was taken from her.

Now, the worries of her daughter grew after discovering that her mother was sent into prison over false accusations. She was pictured by her employer holding a knife. Marylyn claims that her mother was forced by her employer to hold the knife.

She tried to release the knife but her employer insisted on putting it back to her hands. The OFW was taken by the police because of the picture that served as a piece of evidence that she tried to harm her employer.

Marylyn is worried not just for herself but for her three other siblings, ages 7, 5 and 3. Without their mother’s support, how can they sustain their daily needs?

Facebook post below

Sya po si Gracelyn Bahade mama ko po sya 37 years old nasa saudi sa Jeddah po sya ngayon kng saan kinasuhan sya ng amo…

Posted by Marylyn Bahade Gaor on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

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