How can a father lose the respect of his children?

There are a lot of reasons surrounding the loss of respect among children towards their father. One very important factor behind it is his treatment towards his wife, the mother of his kids.

Henry Espina, 44-year old works as an on-call driver for a private company. His wife Mary Rose Espina demands allowance for her two children after they parted ways.

Mary Rose worked as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Bahrain for six years to sustain the needs of her children since her husband do not have a stable job.

However, Mary Rose never thought that her decision to work abroad and leave her husband for the meantime will be permanent.

Mary Rose claims that Henry had another woman. Worst, she brought the woman to their house and their children saw it all.

According to their children, their father often brings a woman into their house and even carried her ‘like a baby’ while their mother is away and working hard to support their needs.

This broke the hearts of their children. Additionally, their respect for their father was also lost. They do not want to get back to him. They don’t want their family to be together again.

What they only want is the support from their father, by which, is his responsibility in the first place. They settled at the local barangay and Henry promised to do his best to give support to his children.

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