Sometimes, Filipinos are foreign to their native land more than the foreigners who tend to love our country after staying for a short span of time.

Balut is a famous street food not just among Filipinos but for foreigners who dares to consume it. However, it seems like foreigners are more into it than most Filipinos nowadays.

Considering the fact that it is found in almost all streets across the country, Filipinos are expected to like it more than foreigners. However, this not always the case as a lot of Filipinos tend to dislike this food.

A video of a Filipina eating balut went viral online not because she enjoyed it but because of her reaction upon seeing and tasting it.

In the video, the woman was with a foreign man who tried to dare her to eat balut after him. Since he was able to do it, he thinks that the Filipina should try it too. However, netizens were angered upon seeing how the woman reacted upon seeing this famous street food.

The fact that the Filipina couldn’t eat the balut was not the ones that angered netizens. It was the way she handled the situation and her reaction to it.

It’s true that not all Filipinos love balut. Let’s just settle on the positive side that she really doesn’t it.

Filipina & Foreigner!Pinay Nandiri sa Balut! 😅😅😅

Posted by Love Doctor on Friday, September 6, 2019


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