Saudi Arabia, as a conservative country, prohibits citizen and expats to show some skin be it online or anywhere else. They have to cover themselves with appropriate clothes especially women.

However, it seems like another Filipina is yet to understand the consequences of showing skin to the public.

Facebook user Jerlyn Tapan raised awareness to the public regarding the Saudi law and other Muslim countries when it comes to showing skin and exposing it to the public, be it online or in the physical world.

According to Jerlyn, it is important for Filipino domestic helpers to avoid taking a selfie picture while inside the house of their employers without permission. Most importantly, it is highly prohibited to wear sexy clothes showing skin as this might result in serious consequences.

The OFW said that even without your employers at home, there are CCTV cameras to check on your every move. This will serve as a strong proof in case you try to violate their country’s laws.

Jerlyn also thinks that this is the reason why other OFWs are being treated badly by their employers and taken advantaged.

She reminded fellow OFWs to take extra precaution especially since Middle East countries are very strict when it comes to such activities.


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