A Filipina domestic helper scammed her employer in the United Arab Emirates thinking that she can escape her when she returns to the Philippines.

A Russian national who lives in the United Arab Emirates went to the Philippines to look for her domestic helper who scammed her with P350,000 even after all the good things that she showed to the Filipina.

According to Manar Al Khebi, the employer, Jocelle wanted her to invest in a business in the Philippines saying that they will become business partners. Even just for 5 months that Jocelle worked for Manar, her employer trusted her and gave her the huge cash.

However, it turns out that Jocelle had other motives rather than to partner with Manar on a business. Jocelle took the cash to herself saying that her mother runs away with the money.

Manar decided to visit the Philippines, not for the money which was taken from her but to teach Manar a lesson and to show to the world that not all Filipinos are bad.

When she arrived in the Philippines, nobody helped her to file a case against the Jocelle. Bad things were also thrown to her by Jocelle and she even got her money and mobile phone leaving her with only P1,000.

Luckily, another Filipina friend helped her and accommodated her. Additionally, RaffyTulfo provided the help that made everything run smoothly. She was able to see Jocelle face to face and a case was finally filled against her.

In December, a hearing will be pursued in line with the cases that she filed against the Filipina. RaffyTulfo promised to help her all throughout her case.

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