A wife of an Overseas Filipino Worker is asking for help through Raffy Tulfo in Action because her husband in Saudi Arabia seldom sends remittance for their children.

Margie Barguio, 41-years-old, went to Raffy Tulfo in Action to ask for help because of the support that she seldom gets from her husband who works as a technician in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

PaulinoBarguio, 36-years-old, also told his wife that he will get married again soon. Paulino converted to Islam so he can marry more women without violating any laws.

Paulino refused to answer the calls from the show.

According to the Overseas Workers Welfare Organization (OWWA), they do not have the power to deport OFWs who refuse to send support to their families in the Philippines. However, they are given letters from the labor attaches reminding them that they have responsibilities in the Philippines.

Even their children, Paulino taught them to call his mistress ‘mama’ because they will get married soon. Their children refused to call her that because she isn’t their mother, claims their children.

As for the salary of Paulino, she gives P5,000 to his mistress and P1,000 for her three children.

RaffyTulfo will help in the deportation of Paulino and he will be held responsible for the needs of her children.

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