Have you ever experienced broken items inside your check-in luggage? In this video, you will see the actual culprit to it!

In a video which has gone viral online, an airport employee can be seen carelessly putting the luggage of passengers in the carousel.

One of the passengers was able to catch the incident in a video. He also shouted for the man to handle their luggage carefully to the carousel to no avail. He continued to do the same to the rest of the luggage. In one incident, he can also be seen kicking the luggage as if it was trash with no value at all. He also casually threw one luggage and the man who took can be heard saying to be easy on the luggage.

To think that you might have place important valuables such as laptop, camera, glass figurines and even ‘pasalubong’ goodies for your family to that luggage is totally horrible.

Another passenger suggested to inform the manager regarding the careless handling of luggage but there is no one around.

The incident happened at Malaga Airport. This airport is considered the busiest airport in Spain next to Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca.

Meanwhile, netizens were horrified after seeing the video, thinking that they usually place valuable things inside their check-in luggage.

See clip below

Baggage handler kicks passengers luggage

This is what really happens to your luggage at an airport! 😱😮

Posted by Daily Mail News on Tuesday, September 17, 2019


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