Working until her hands got injured. This is the life of an Overseas Filipino Worker who had to continue working even though her hands got open wounds.

Regie Mila Guiaman posted on Facebook regarding the pitiful situation of a certain KemarieAlabGuiaman who works as a domestic helper in Qatar.

Regie particularly said that the OFW, who is also her sister, suffered from the hands of her bad-treating employers. In a letter which was written by Kemarie, she confessed that her employer is harsh on her.

On the first months, they treated her nicely. However, as months go by, the true behavior of her employer slowly unfolds. The previous good employers turned out to be vicious who cannot treat her like a human.

There are also times when her employer accused her of theft and forced her to pay for the missing things. Things inside their house that got broken must also be paid by Kemarie. Her personal documents were also taken from her.

In the photos, Kemarie can be seen crying as she wants to return to the Philippines as soon as possible before her employer could do more bad things towards her.

Meanwhile, her employer couldn’t allow her to go home because of her outstanding employment contract of 2 years.

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SALAM AKO PO C KEMARIE ALAB GUIAMAN,humingi po ako ng tulong sa lahat ng nakakaalam ng agency ko po jn sa pinas, MMML…

Posted by Regie Mila Guiaman on Friday, September 13, 2019


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