The divorce bill is a controversial issue that’s been around the corner for years. It’s doors were never close especially when the Senate Committee on Woman and Children held a hearing regarding the proposed bill.

Senator Risa Hontiveros invited several resource persons to air their positions and one of them is an ex-Overseas Filipino Worker.

Marco Luna said that they couldn’t push through with the annulment because the lawyers were demanding a huge amount of cash for their case.

“Annulment is unrealistic. I didn’t pursue it because I don’t believe in it. It is being exploited. That is being exploited even one of the milking cows of lawyers, says Luna who got separated with his wife a long time ago.

The seaman who also joined the hearing also couldn’t push through with the annulment because of the same reasons. He was also forced to share his earnings with his wife even though they are already separated.

Another woman who joined the hearing also shared that divorce is the answer to unhappy marriages.

“While there is no question that divorce is hard on us kids, it is better than raising your children in a violent, abusive, angry or deeply resentful marriage,” says Kana Takashi, a divorce advocate.

It can be recalled that church and other religious groups strongly opposed this bill stating that this will prevents the restoration of family relations.

“The presence of the divorce law would, in the long run, pose a greater prejudice to the families despite the suffering that children may experience and this is because, through a divorce law, the possibility of reconciliation is ultimately eliminated,” says Joel Arzaga, Alliance for Family Foundation Vice President.


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