Through the fast response of the UAE paramedics, a Filipina woman was saved from losing her life.

According to the Instagram post by the National Ambulance who shared the thrilling story of a team of paramedics who was led by Mohammed Al Shdaifat, they were able to save a group of workers inside their accommodation in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

In the said post, they responded to a call and found four workmates already unconscious. Upon arriving at the scene, the team suspected that the victims fell unconscious due to a gas leak.

The group of paramedics put on their masks and helped the victims move into a safe place. A first aid treatment was given to the workers and was later on transferred to a nearby hospital.

Initial investigation reveals that the people around the area were also at risk of acquiring the same injuries. They asked the intervention of the police to make sure that no one is left inside the said building.

They checked every room and found a Filipina woman unconscious and lying on the floor. Al Shdaifat together with his team carried the Filipina outside and attended to her.

“Saving lives is part of our job but in this case, it meant even more as went the extra mile in our work,” says Al Shdaifat.

“This was an example of teamwork and excellence by National Ambulance in saving lives and serving the community,” says the partner of Al Shdaifat, Nino David.

Meanwhile, the rescued Filipina thanked her heroes for saving his life from danger.

“I am so grateful to the team at National Ambulance for saving my life. The first I knew when I woke up in the hospital and seeing the faces of the people who saved me brought me so much joy,” says Gina Dometita.


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