A wife of an Overseas Filipino Worker in Qatar is asking for help because her husband refuses to send support for their child prompting her to work as a construction worker.

Rowena Reyes and Shane sought the help of the program Raffy Tulfo in Action regarding the issue of support towards Rommel Reyes, a foreman in Qatar.

According to Shane, for 5 years the remittance of her father is not continuous prompting her mother to do all sorts of jobs including construction work, a line of work for men.

The worst scenario came to light when Rowena found out that her husband is having an affair with another woman and even had a child.

Rommel couldn’t deny the allegations thrown to him by his wife but claims that his job in unstable for many years, the reason why he couldn’t send support to them every month. He also went into prison for selling alcoholic drinks in Qatar which is highly prohibited in this Muslim country.

After getting out of prison, he claims that he found a more stable job so he can finally support his family.

However, Rowena decided to send his husband and mistress to prison with their child as the solid proof of their affair. Meanwhile, Raffy Tulfo gave financial support to Rowena amounting to P20,000 for her to start a small business and another P10,000 for their daily needs.

Shane will also receive school supplies that she can use in school.

See the clip below


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