The case of a Russian national who was fooled by her Filipina domestic helper into investing in a fake business in the Philippines has finally come to an end.

After all those emotional struggles and the expensive trips Manar Al Khebi, the Russian national who traveled from Dubai to Manila just to find the Filipina who run with her money and fooled her in so many ways.

In addition to the money that the Filipina got from her Russian employer, she also spread malicious ideas that they are in a relationship despite knowing that Manar is already married.

When they finally met, Manar became emotional and was even rushed to a clinic because she couldn’t believe all the things that the Filipina said despite all the good things that she did to her. In the end, they couldn’t settle things and decided to accelerate the case to the court.

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Posted by Ardelle Archer on Saturday, September 21, 2019

Manar decided to file a case against the Filipina who talked about malicious things to her. On top of that, the Filipina embezzled P350,000 from her for a supposed business investment that turned out to be fake.

RaffyTulfo advised Jocelle, the lesbian domestic helper of Manar, to accept her faults and avoid being cocky so as not to worsen the situation.

Jocelle admitted her faults and asked for forgiveness but she will still go to prison for embezzling money from Manar who did nothing but to be kind and giving to her.

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