Remember the boy who was abandoned in a mall in Dubai? His story is eerily similar to Fatima, the Filipina girl who was abandoned by her mother as she originally has a family in the Philippines.

According to reports, the Filipina who claims to have found the missing boy in a mall in UAE turns out to be his real foster mother as his real mother left him in the UAE.

It can be recalled that the woman handed the boy to the authorities claiming that she found the boy wandering inside Reef Mall, Dubai.

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After the police investigation, they discovered that the woman was actually lying and that she knows the boy whom she took care of. The mother of the boy was actually her friend who promised to return to UAE after fixing an urgent matter in her home country.

“The woman confessed that she made up that story because she no longer can care for the boy after he grew up and has to go to school,” says the head of Al Muraqqabat police station Brigadier Ali Ghanim.

The case of this boy is similar to Fatima who was taken cared for by different people before her mother finally steps forward to admit her shortcomings.

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