A Filipina domestic helper in Riyadh suffered asthma while working. What’s troubling her is the fact that her medical examination in the Philippines appeared ‘fit to work’. However, when she arrived in Saudi, her illness was discovered.

According to Maria Cristina Mendez, she only knew her recruiter through social media. Because of poverty, she decided to take the job as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia though she already has a history of asthma.

“Matagal na po akong hindi nagkahika. Ako naman, siguro kaya naman to kasi matagal na baka nawala na,” says Mendez. She arrived in Riyadh and worked for her first employer.

Right away, she suffered from her employers who refused to give day-offs, starvation and almost a whole day of work. Because of heat, dust, and tiredness, Mendez had difficulty breathing. She still decided to continue working.

When she started working, Mendez thought that she will be serving two employers only. However, when she arrived, she discovered that she will be serving four employers.

She passed her medical examination in the Philippines. However, when she was checked again in Riyadh, the results say ‘unfit to work’.

Because of her situation, she only worked for her employer for only one month and 15 days. She was then taken to her Saudi agency.

Meanwhile, her agency in the Philippines refused to repatriate her because of her status which is ‘refused to work’. Unless she pays them, they will not help the poor OFW.

Through the help of POEA, her husband in the Philippines filed repatriation which led to her return last June.

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Inatake ng hika at muntik mamatay ang isang dating kasambahay sa Riyadh. Kwento niya, fit to work siya sa kanyang medical exam dito sa Pilipinas, pero sa Saudi nadiskubre ang kanyang asthma.Manood ng Balitang Global tuwing Sabado at Linggo 2PM sa Saudi at 1PM sa Rome.http://bit.ly/BGSPT819

Posted by Balitang Global on Sunday, September 15, 2019


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