A new set of rules was implemented by the Saudi government to promote public decency as the conservative country opens up to more foreign tourists.

In a post on the official website of the tourism department of Saudi, the Interior Minister Prince Abdul Aziz bin Saud bin Naif pinpointed 19 offenses punishable by law.

Such rules were launch in line with the visa regime allowing tourists coming from 49 countries to go to Saudi Arabia. Most of the time, visitors in Saudi could either be pilgrims or businesspeople.

Men and women are cautioned not to wear revealing clothes, avoid public display of affection and use of profane language or even gestures.

Women’s clothes must cover the knees and shoulders especially when they are in public. Fines when violating such regulations ranges from SR50 to SR6,000.

“The regulations are meant to ensure that visitors and tourists in the Kingdom are aware of the law relating to public behavior so that they comply with it,” a government statement said.

It added that the consumption, sale, and purchase of alcoholic beverages remains illegal in the country as well as bringing alcohol or illegal drugs.

People caught loitering the streets will also be subjected to the same punishment as well as those playing loud music during prayer times.

Other violations with their corresponding fines are listed below.





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