From $4,520, the new minimum wage of foreign domestic workers is raised to $4,630, according to The Sun Hong Kong. The Hong Kong government gave a $110 increase in salary.

However, those foreign domestic workers who are given food allowance by their employers will only receive a monthly increase amounting to $46. It was from $1,075 raised to $1,121 every month.

This new minimum wage is set to be effective on all contracts signed on or before Sept. 28. Moreover, those employers who are generous enough to amend contracts before the due date, they can visit POLO or the Philippine Consulate.

“Pwede naman yan habang nasa amin pa ang kontrata,”says Antonio Villafuerte, POLO officer-in-charge. “It will be for the benefit of our workers, anyway.”

Meanwhile, POLO welcomes this new amendment following the economic slowdown due to the number of anti-government protests in the country.

“We consider that as a welcome development, considering the problems faced by Hong Kong now,”Villafuerte said. “It’s better than nothing.”

The recent change in the minimum salary of foreign domestic workers failed to capture the likes of militant migrant workers who are proposing a $5,890 salary raise.

“Again, we find it demeaning to migrant workers because it does not reflect the government’s supposed appreciation of our important contribution to Hong Kong’s economic growth,” says Dolores Balladares-Pelaez of the Asian Migrants Coordinating Body.

“We need to be paid a living wage of at least $5,894 a month because that’s how much we need to provide for the basic needs of our family, based on a study by Oxfam,” she added.


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