A common misconception – Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) have lots of money. Truth be told, though OFWs earn a higher salary than those who are working in the Philippines, life abroad is also very expensive. The food is expensive, as well as the house down to the fare and all. These all contribute to the daily expenses of the OFW leaving her with less to nothing considering the fact that they also need to send money to their family in the Philippines.

Sad to say, this misconception is yet to be corrected. There are still a lot of Filipinos, be it relatives or friends, who believe that these OFWs ought to give them the BEST and most expensive gifts when they go to the Philippines for vacation.

Facebook user Lynne Cherrie encountered an incident that is considered a nightmare to every OFW. Lynne shared a screenshot of their conversation with her friend who demanded a Michael Kors or Gucci bag when offered a less expensive bag for pasalubong.

In the post, she said that she is thoroughly disappointed with her friend who after 8 years, finally showed her ‘true colors’.

According to Lynne, she PMed some of her closest friends asking for the kind of bag that they liked for pasalubong. She only picked very few of them because of the tight budget.

However, it is Lynne who got the surprise of her life when her friend demanded an expensive brand of bags like MK or Gucci. When Lynne denied buying her one, the said friend demanded to have some of her collection bags.

As expected, the OFW refused to buy or give her friend such expensive bags. Just like that, her friend blocked her on social media.

Lynne couldn’t believe that she had such a friend. She also said that OFWs do not simply pick money on streets. They work hard for it and suffer from homesickness as being away from your loved ones is really tough.


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