A guy in the United Kingdom was left without a choice but to show his privates after mall security accused him of shoplifting.

Because of his bulky privates, a man was accused by mall security of shoplifting, prompting him to show it to prove his innocence.

It is said that the man showed the mall security his 10’ privates to prove that he didn’t take anything from the clothing store. The store manager thought that he is hiding something on his shorts because of his bulky privates.

Steve Whitehurst, 47, paid at the counter for the clothes he bought but was barred from leaving the clothing store for alleged shoplifting. To his defense, Whitehurst claims that the ‘bulky’ thing was actually his privates.

“I can’t help the way I’m made,” Whitehurst said.

While arguing with the store manager, Whitehurst removed his shorts to show that he was not hiding anything on his boxers. However, the store manager couldn’t be convinced so Whitehurst decided to go to the dressing room for checking.

In front of the store manager and the security guard, Whitehurst removed his boxers and showed that nothing was inside, except for his ’10-inch’ privates.

“I felt like I was a little man, be it one with a large penis, against this big corporate company. It’s so frustrating,” says Whitehurst.


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