“Do not cross the road when the green light is already blinking.” – It was already too late when a Filipina domestic helper realized that crossing the street when the green light is already blinking will lead her in paying HK$350 fine.

Geny B. Toledo stubbornly fought her case of jaywalking but unfortunately lost. She insisted that she is not guilty of the charge of disobeying the traffic signal when she crossed the street while the green light was still blinking. However, Magistrate Tony Li insisted that what she did is already a criminal offense.

The Transport Department’ Road User Code, crossing the road when the green light is already blinking is highly prohibited. By this, pedestrians can ONLY cross the street when the green light is steady and not blinking.

Traffic warden saw Toledo crossing the Sha Tsui Road in Tsuen Wan last Dec. 19, 2018, while the red light is on. According to the traffic warden, Toledo crossed the street when the light was red then she stopped on the safety island. She waited for a while and walked again when the light turned green.

The traffic warden approached Toledo and asked for the Hong Kong ID card.

Toledo reasoned out that she is carrying a heavy load when she crossed the street and her knee is very painful. She also claimed that the traffic light was still blinking when she crossed.

“But that’s not a defense, I have explained the law to you,” said the 51-year-old domestic helper who was staying in HK for 23 years.


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