Other people will always have a say against you, as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), starting from the pasalubong to the kind of life and your work abroad, they always find faults in everything that you do.

Just like this OFW who was judged over her line of work abroad.

Facebook user Sweety babes Iriesh posted on social media her experiences and how she was criticized for being JUST a domestic helper in Taiwan.

According to Ireish, some of her friends looked down on her since she is working as a domestic helper, something very far from her work in the Philippines which is a midwife/nurse.

“Katulong lang daw ako” – these are the words that Iriesh mostly hear from her friends and neighbors in the Philippines. They also accused her of lacking knowledge because she just preferred to work as a helper.

Amidst all the criticism, Irieshfaces them with head held high knowing that she did nothing wrong. The line of work that she does reputable compared to those who sell their bodies for easy money.

“Who cares,” Iriesh writes in her post adding that her work is legal and she never steals anything from anyone. Additionally, the OFW is proud that she stopped relying on her parents and started to buy anything she wants because of her current job.

Though she is not sitting comfortably in the office, Iriesh feels proud of herself for overcoming all the hardships of being an OFW. Ireish also added that she learned to be independent as she works for the past 10 years for her employer.

Salute to all Filipino Domestic Helpers all over the world!


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