The foster-father of a boy who was abandoned by a mall in Dubai steps forward to reveal the said mother of the child after his wife was sent into jail for abandoning the boy in the mall.

He was Five Years Old when he was found in the Mall – image by GulfNews

On September 6, a boy was handed at the Muraqabbat Police Station in Dubai after claims that he was lost inside Reef Mall in Dubai. The police asked the public for help in identifying the lost boy.

However, it turns out that the woman who handed the boy to the police was actually the woman who took care of him for the past years since he was abandoned by his Filipina mother who already left the country.

Father Glulam Abas from Pakistan and Mother Maya from the Philippines in Dubai -Image by GulfNews

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The foster father of Sadrick, the abandoned boy in Dubai, stepped forward to share several old photos of the boy together with his alleged Filipina mother.

“I suspect this Filipina woman is Sadrick’s mother,” says Ghulam Abbas, foster father of the boy. In one photo, a woman can be seen carrying a baby that appears to be Sadrick.

“She is a Filipina and not Indonesian as the photo was taken during a costume party. I suspect she is Sadrick’s mother because they have a special bond,” he claims.

It is believed that the wife of Abbas abandoned the boy inside the mall because she was in so much debt. Additionally, they do not want to be involved in any further troubles.


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