Crushed to his last breath – this is the sickening incident that claimed the life of a Filipino worker in Ontario, Canada last September 25.

Enrico Miranda, aged 57, was just cleaning a machine used in an industrial bakery in Canada when he was accidentally crushed. Miranda is already the fifth worker to expire while working at Fiera Foods since 1999.

Enrico Miranda with Family /Image source /Gofunme

What’s worst is the fact that the factory continued with its production even in the wake of Miranda’s death. According to authorities, the chest of Miranda was crushed prompting his immediate passing.

“It’s unbelievable in a very developed and rich country,” says Richard, eldest son of Miranda. Patrick, the victim’s youngest son, was the one who first received the sad news after police informed him.

Miranda first worked abroad in Dubai as a civil engineer in 1988. He was earning enough to sustain the needs of his family but he is eager to be with them and decided to transfer to another country. In 2004, he went to Canada to be with his wife who works as a caregiver. Soon, their children were a petition in 2009.

Enrico Miranda and His Family


Despite his years of experience in Dubai as a civil engineer, Miranda couldn’t land a job rather than a temporary worker. For so many times, he was asking his company to absorb him as a permanent worker but they failed to do it even after his expiration.

In Canada, temporary workers only take home their salaries but are not offered as much protection from the government compared to those permanent workers.

Following the incident, the Ontario government implemented a mandate that provides more rights to temporary workers including equal pay as with permanent workers.

For the first time, the Miranda family will return to the Philippines after years of staying abroad to lay the Filipino to rest.


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