Heart disease is tagged as the most prevalent disease among Overseas Filipino Workers in Hong Kong.

Consular officers in Hong Kong visited various hospitals were 188 OFWs are admitted. Welfare AttacheMarivic C. Clarin said that 20 percent out of which were suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

“Maramisilangna-stroke…It’s because of stress sa work and family and poor diet, which can be associated with lack of food or unhealthy food provided to workers,” says Clarin. “Kasi mula umaga pagkagising, yung iba diretso hanggang hating gabi. (Merong) stressed sa family saPilipinas or stressed dito sa employer,” she added.

42 patients out of the 188 OFWs admitted to the hospital were suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Other diseases are cancer (31 patients), mental disorder (12), pulmonary-related (21), skin disease (2), kidney-related (10), lupus (2) and liver-related (3).

Clarin also mentioned that when she was still in the Philippines and working at MedPlus, their medical beneficiaries are mostly overseas Filipino workers in Hong Kong.

“We have a program, MedPlus, for dreaded diseases. Yung initial nanag avail, nung tiningnan ko, karamihan taga Hong Kong at yung dreaded disease …cancer,” says Clarin. “Hong Kong siya tapos (taga)-norte (northern Philippines),” she said.

Meanwhile, the migrant group called for a regulated working hour that enables foreign domestic workers to have enough sleep and rest. This is because Hong Kong does not have standard working hours for workers.

In a statement of Kenneth Leung, Legislative Council member during a forum at the consulate, he mentioned that foreign domestic helpers can only get regulated working hours once Hongkongers get their share of standard working hours.

“Even Hong Kong people, we are also asking for standard working hours and the government said ‘No, we don’t want to legislate for standard working hours. You have to agree with your employer,” says Leung.


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