When riding a bus, it is important to stay silent so as not to disturb other commuters. However, it seems like this isn’t the case for Overseas Filipino Workers in Taiwan.

On a bus in Taiwan, clear signage written in Tagalog says “Pakisuyo, HuwagMaingay!” Why is this so? Amidst the high tourist rate of Taiwan, it seems like Filipinos are being so noisy when riding the bus that they took time to translate the warning to Tagalog which was originally written in Chinese.

A photo of the said reminder was posted by a certain Ariel Abalos on Facebook. In the picture, he can be seen riding the bus which is public transportation in Zhongli, Taiwan. The photo instantly became viral, gaining the attention of netizens especially OFWs

True to this, Filipinos all over the world need to be reminded not to be noisy in public transportation such as buses. If the bus warning is written in Tagalog, this just means that Filipinos in the area riding the public transportation are being noisy prompting the bus management to post reminders in Tagalog.

When riding public transportation, always be reminded to stay quite as much as possible so as not to disturb other commuters.

“Respect begets respect.”


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