Taking videos without permission is illegal in Dubai and in most parts of the world. However, this OFW seemed like he didn’t know this popular law as he had the nerve to do it with his fellow kababayan.

Christian CerilloMatalog is fuming with anger as he posted on his Facebook account about his encounter from a certain Cliff Calayeg.

According to the post of Christian, this Cliff Calayeg set up a camera inside the comfort room to catch a glimpse of her wife while she’s taking a bath. The Go Pro that Cliff used to take videos was owned by Christian that later landed on Cliff’s possession because he took it.

In the post, Christian is very angry knowing that his fellow kababayan took advantage of his wife who was unsuspecting that somebody is filming her private activities.

The OFW claims that Cliff is still in Dubai and hopes to send him to prison using the video evidence that he got. In the said video, Cliff can be seen setting up the camera inside the bathroom to capture private videos.

Christian also sent a warning to other people who knew this certain Cliff Caleyag to be cautious as this man is dangerous and capable of doing bad things even to his fellow kababayans.

Meanwhile, netizens urged Christian to file a report against Cliff so he can be punished for his wrongdoings

See clip below

Posted by Christian Cerillo Matalog on Sunday, October 27, 2019


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