A domestic helper landed herself in jail after borrowing some of her employer’s luxury bags without permission.

Sometimes, it’s such a good feeling to show to the world that you have material things that most people dream of having. What makes it worse is when you take it without permission and use it all to yourself.

Onita, a 28-year-old domestic helper, had to spend some time in prison after she was caught using the Chanel bag of her employer.

According to reports, the employer of Onita owns some luxury bags which was left behind the room. Onito couldn’t help but envy the luxurious $6,000 pink Chanel bag. Right then, she decided to place it in her room and use it on her rest day. She even showed it to her friends.

Image source /mustsharenews.com

Making others think that she is doing better in life, Onita decided to post the bag while she wears it on social media. In May, the Indonesian maid found another more luxurious Chanel bag which is now worth $8,500.

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The suspicion of her employer started by the time she couldn’t find her precious Chanel bag. Afraid of a police report, Onita surrendered the bag to her employer but her employer couldn’t be satisfied.

The employer decided to check the social media of Onita and found the hidden truth. This is enough evidence for her to call the police and report the doings of Onita.


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