An Overseas Filipino Worker from Saudi Arabia was supposed to surprise her family in the Philippines went he went home but it was he who got the surprise of his life.

Romeo Ordaz worked as an industrial engineer in Saudi Arabia and Ireland. However, destiny forced him to return to the Philippines last 2011 when he suffered a stroke.

When he returned, Romeo didn’t expect that he will experience the turn of tides as he saw that their house where it previously stood was nowhere to be found. His family has gone missing as well.

After years of working abroad, Romeo returned home to nothing. Without a home to go to and money that he worked hard for so many years.

The story of Romeo instantly became trending when a kind-hearted citizen cared to help him find his family.

“Ang sabi niya, umuwi siya noong 2011 at pag uwi niya, wala na yung family niya, yung house niya and all,” says Noelle Mae Regala.

Romeo is currently living in a small space with some of his belongings.

“Akosi Engr. Romeo Ordaz, Industrial Engineer, dati akong OFW, way back 1977. Nag work akosa Saudi Arabia,” says Romeo.

Romeo suffered a stroke last 2011 prompting him to return to the Philippines. From Ireland, he voluntarily returned to the Philippines.

“Angdatikonginuuwianbagoakoumalis ng Pilipinas ay sa Arman, Las Pinas,” he relates.

At first, the siblings of Romeo agreed to shelter him but sooner, when his money depleted, he was turned away leaving him homeless.

When asked about his wife and children, Romeo claims that he has none and he is living alone. However, after a few minutes, Romeo changed his statement. Romeo said that he met someone while working in Saudi Arabia and he left his family in Ireland.

In the midst of Romeo’s situation, he is expecting help from SSS. He is qualified for the OFW disability assistance program from SSS. He will also be evaluated for monthly SSS pension.

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