When you work abroad, you have to adjust not just to your foreign employer but to the working environment in a foreign land.

This could arise to multiple health diseases just like this OFW who suffered cracks on her feet and hands. Aside from the fact that she is overworked, her employer also treats her badly.

CriceldaPriasPandanon decided to post her situation on social media after getting no help from POLO and OWWA. According to Pandanon, who works as a domestic helper in Al Hofuf, Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia, she is suffering from pain in her feet and hands after cracks appeared on it.

In a series of photos which was posted online, it is clear that her situation is painful and uncomfortable. On top of that, her employer treats her badly, forcing her to work like a robot so she will be worthy of her SAR1,500. Pandanon needs to clean a four-storey house alone until early dawn. Her salary, meanwhile, is given to her very late.

The OFW already asked the help of her agency but they keep on giving her back to her bad-treating employer. Her family in the Philippines already asked the help of POLO and OWWA to no avail.

Pandanon is afraid of losing her life due to her situation abroad and still wants to see her children that she left in the Philippines.

The OFW mentioned Platinum Brothers Agency as her agency in the Philippines. Her phone number in Saudi is 0552449047.


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