An Australian national is asking for help because her Filipina wife allegedly got involved with another man while they are still legally married and had kids.

Clinton Barker, personally went to the TV show Raffy Tulfo in Action to ask the help and advice of the famous TV personality, Raffy Tulfo.

The Australian man went for a surprise visit in the Philippines after her wife Mercelita failed to go to Australia. He has a gut feeling that his wife is doing something suspicious behind his back.

To his surprise, he found out that aside from his two children and a stepdaughter, his Filipina wife has another three children from another man. Barker only knew about it when he arrived in the Philippines.

Despite the wrongdoings of the woman, she is still digging the previous confrontations that they had together years before.

Even her siblings were siding on the Australian man and willing to testify to the court to stop the wrongdoings of Mercelita.

Since the issue has been dragged too long and no apologies were said, Barker decided to send his Filipina wife to prison as well as his lover.

To avoid going to jail, Mercelita decided to leave his boyfriend but still, Clinton couldn’t accept her back to his life after all the lies that she said to him.

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