Over the years, we constantly see Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW being treated badly by their employers and asking for help amidst their current situation. This might not always be the case to many, there are OFWs who are lucky enough to land a decent employer who is willing to provide a good life away from your family in the Philippines.

A viral video has been going rounds on social media regarding an OFW who actively expressed her thoughts regarding news of OFWs being used and treated badly by their employers. According to the OFW, news of such things is sickening and must be put to stop.

But netizens couldn’t help but notice the OFW’s insensitive comments regarding the pitiful situation of fellow Filipino domestic helper.

Facebook user Rio ‘bertAgusTabay shared the video and showed her dismay over the viral video.

“Ano naman ang problema mo kung may mga OFW na umiiyak o binubogbog,” says Tabay, a domestic helper in Doha, Qatar.

“Alangan namang tatawa mga kababayan natin habang humihingi ng tulong,” she added.

Tabay also said that the OFW in the video should be thankful that she didn’t encounter a bad-treating employer. If not, she could also be seen crying and asking for help.

The OFW also noticed that the woman in the video is using the English language the wrong way. The video was captioned, “Rip English”.

See her compilation video below

Isang babaeng OFW na Tiktok user ang naging viral sa social media

Isang babaeng OFW na Tiktok user ang naging viral sa social media. Mga netizen nagngingitngit sa galit.*This is a compilation video of her*CTTOO

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