In the midst of the anti-government protests in Hong Kong, there have been reports received by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) that there are employers who take advantage of such activities to prevent their domestic helpers from taking their day off.

According to Labor Attache Angelica M. Sunga, employers who do not allow their domestic helpers to take a day off must be reported to their office immediately.

“Kung hindi magdaday-off ng Sunday, puwede niyang kausapin si amo niya and set another day off. Internal agreement lang nila,” says Sunga during the meeting for Filipino Community leaders.

“Kung halimbawa hindi makausap si employer, let us know then para we can call the agency para si agency kausapin din si employer niya,” Sunga added.

The announcement was made following a complaint of a worker of being forced to work whole week without a day off because of the ongoing protest. The added day of work was also not paid.

Last August, complaints regarding such activities were raised by the Filipino Migrant Workers Union (FMWU). Employers are said to be taking advantage of the heated anti-government protests by preventing their domestic helpers from taking a day off.

FMWU further said that employers need to be mindful when it comes to giving their domestic workers a day off every week as failing to do so is a violation of the law.

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