A Filipina domestic helper in Saudi Arabia is seeking help through Facebook after allegedly got treated badly by her employers.

OFW Jeane Pauline took to social media to ask for help as her employer planned to take advantage of her. She was able to share a few videos on Facebook asking for help from her current situation and to prevent the worst from happening.

In the video, Jeane Pauline claims that her male employer asked her to massage her private part. This happened a couple of times, sending shivers to the poor OFW every time she sees her male employer.

Meanwhile, her female employer also has issues with Jeane Pauline. She claims that her female employer is jealous of her and this could spell trouble as a jealous wife is capable of doing anything.

The OFW already asked for the assistance of her agency. Though they promised to help, they also want her to be transferred to another employer instead of returning her to the Philippines. Jean Pauline had such a traumatic experience and it is totally impossible for her to agree to these terms.

After her second video, Jeane Pauline finally got the help she needs through the help of her family in the Philippines and the people who shared her videos that went viral online.

Finally, Jeane Pauline updated her status on Facebook claiming that her female employer already agreed for her to return to the Philippines even after spending just three months in their household.

See clip below

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