Flying back to the Philippines soon? Excitement rushes through as your homecoming nears. However, as much as possible, avoid unnecessary things and stress by considering these recommendations before going home.

  1. Come up with a reasonable budget

Before going back to the Philippines, plan your expenses to avoid overspending and getting broke. To come up with a budget, list down all your expenses particularly for shopping, emergencies and family getaways.

  1. Your arrival must only be known by your loved ones

Avoid posting your arrival on social media. If you want to have a personal time with your loved ones, it is necessary to do this. This will also keep you away from being bombarded with invitations to different parties, sponsorship, and even solicitation requests.

  1. Give your loved ones the accurate details of your arrival

Let your loved ones know the exact details of your arrival unless you will be surprising them. This will allow them to prepare for your return.

  1. Airbnb accommodation instead of a hotel room

Airbnb offers a much cheaper option for OFWs who will be vacationing for a short span of time in the Philippines. Airbnb accommodations are much cheaper than a regular hotel room.

  1. Avoid bringing unnecessary and expensive items

Take note of the things listed as prohibited items particularly sharp objects, weapons, and explosives. Luxury and expensive items are unsafe and impractical to be brought to the Philippines.

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