The retirement age of Filipinos is 60 years old. Though there are advantages like discounts and other privileges offered to senior citizens, the work available appears less to nothing. But not in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Recently, the UAE government has allowed expat domestic helpers to work or renew their contracts even after reaching the age of 60.

This guideline is highly permitted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE). According to them, they will permit workers to still work even as they exceed the age of 60 as long as they are deemed as medically fit and their employers can provide them with health insurance.

“The decision regarding the helper workgroups is intended to ensure the needs of employers and families in the UAE are met and to allow them to keep their workers if they deem they are still fit and able to do their job,” says Khalil Khouri, Ministry Assistant Undersecretary.

This regulation will benefit those workgroups such as shepherds, guards, private drivers, sailors, baby sitters, gardeners, private nurses, farmers, private instructors, teachers, horse attendants, private farming engineers, falcon attendants, cooks, and domestic workers.

Khouri added that work permits for workers exceeding 60 years old will only be allowed for those who are already in UAE, excluding those who are outside the country.

“Such permits will be issued for workers whose permits have expired provided the expiry period does not exceed 3 months,” he said.


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