A Filipina domestic helper took to social media to express her fear after her employer changed her attitude by the time they knew that she will be returning to the Philippines for good.

According to OFW Elaine Rotarla Bediones, she was able to inform her employer about her plans to return to the Philippines. However, things turned up different after that as her employer started to accuse her of bad things, something she never actually did.

Bediones was also accused of taking her employer’s belongings. According to Bediones, her employer accused her of stealing her make-up, something that isn’t true at all. To prove all allegations against her was false, Bediones asked her employer to check the CCTV footage but to her surprise, her employer refused.

Another allegation was fired against Bediones by her female employer. In a particular incident, her male employer called her over allegations of her female employer saying that she is using a Wi-Fi connection 24 hours a day. Bediones denied such things. Even private things such as waxing her privates were tackled by her curious female employer.

Bediones decided to report these incidents to her male employer hoping to lighten the situation. But her employer refused to help her and only said that he was the one paying her, not his wife.

Bediones is scared of the worst after her male employer scolded her wife of treating her badly. The OFW thinks that her female employer will get back at her for informing her male employer about the bad treatment she’s been receiving.


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