In the midst of the tightening anti-government protests in Hong Kong, it was revealed that the number of foreign domestic helpers going to the country to work is still very high.

Figures which was presented at the Immigration Department serve as proof of the steady ascend in the demand of foreign domestic helpers in the country. By the end of October, the number has reached to 399,505, 14,000 higher than the same month in the previous year.

There was a recorded dip of 243 during the start of the protests in the months of May and June but quickly recovered at the end of July by 1,525 during the time when protests are more unruly.

Even in the next month, wherein protesters started storming the Prince Edward MTR station showed more foreign domestic workers going to the country for work.

Meanwhile, Filipinos are the ones who dominate the number of domestic workers in the country with a huge population of 219,496 by October. Indonesians were second-largest in population which is numbered at 170,579.

These official numbers surprised those OFW social media sites especially because of the rising number of comments from Filipino migrant workers regarding their loss of jobs particularly due to the protests.

As it turns out, all these reports have never put the fire down when it comes to the demand of FDWs in the country.

“I will dissuade people from encouraging this idea of banning workers from coming to Hong Kong,” he said. “There are jobs here in Hong Kong, and the employees are quite satisfied with their work and employers are still taking in Filipinos…so there is no reason for us to implement a ban,” says Consul General Raly Tejada said in a recent interview.


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