As they say, all mothers will do everything for their children. However, if they go to the extent of having a relationship just to feed the hungry mouths of their children, will it still make them a good mother?

RaffyTulfo, a famous TV personality, is yet to resolve a family issue involving an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Kuwait and her husband who accuses her of having another relationship with a man.

What’s making things worst is the fact that the video of the OFW having a moment with her boyfriend gets to the hands of her minor child.

The husband Julito Mabilog, who went to RaffyTulfo in Action to ask for help was devastated to hear that his wife is doing such things while still being married to him. Much worst, their Grade 8 student child was able to see the video of her mother together with another man after the video was sent to her through Facebook Messenger.

Marites Mabilog Picture shared on Raffy Tulfo In Action Youtube

Meanwhile, the OFW denies allegations that she was the one who sent the video to their child, claiming that it was actually her boyfriend who secretly took the video which was sent to her child.

Additionally, the OFW claims that they only did it once when they met in the Philippines.

It seems like the other man, an Indian national, had no plans of giving up the OFW after the later returned to her family and reconciled with her husband. To get back to her, the other man sent the video to the child of the OFW, shocking the poor child.

Marites counters the allegations of her husband by saying that he himself has another woman and that he is not supporting their children, prompting her to find another man who can support their seven children. It was then that she found this Indian national who supported their children during their tough times.

Her Husband who made the complain

Raffy Tulfo decided to give them time to talk things out to no avail. They only ended up arguing, putting the blame on each other.

As for their children, they were greatly affected by the incident involving their mother. They were able to see the explicit video which serves as a strong proof of activities of their mother abroad. One of their children even chose not to go to school following the incident.

The only reason for Marites for having a relationship with another man is to support their children, something that Julito allegedly cannot do. Julito, on the other hand, claims that for many years until their children became seven, he was able to provide for them. It makes no sense that he couldn’t provide the needs of his children, which Marites strongly claims.

In the end, Marites did not show any signs of remorse following the incident despite her husband asking her to return to the Philippines and fix their family. Julito decided to file a case against his cheating wife so she will be deported. Another case will be filed against her because of the trauma that her children got after watching her video with another man.

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