A Filipina is currently under investigation after she allegedly offered non-existing jobs to the relatives of OFWs in Hong Kong.

According to reports, Mila Bodomo Fernandez, a Hong Kong resident, allegedly took at least $112, 000 from her victims after she offered non-existing male jobs to.

Fernandez previously worked at ACJ International Recruitment Services Company which is housed in Excellente Commercial Building, Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay.

Consul Paul Saret said that he will ask each complainant to affix their signature into an affidavit before forwarding the case to the local police for immediate actions.

It is said that Fernandez offered fake jobs as a yacht maintenance staff, houseboy, and gardener. She also extended the employment to male relatives of OFWs who are still in the Philippines. She claims that a lot of employers are waiting for them.

Fernandez also claims that the salary ranges from HK$5,000 to HK$7,000. However, before getting a job, applicants must first pay as much as HK$3,000 and another HK$1,000 upon the release of their work visa.

In another group of applicants, Fernandez took as high as HK$3,500 for those who have yet to undergo a TESDA training. For those who already have, Fernandez collected $2,500 each.

To make it more realistic, Fernandez took the applicant’s bio-date and passport copies. However, they were not able to receive employment contracts or an interview with their prospective employers.


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