RaffyTulfo is quite famous among Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) because of his heart to help those Filipino workers indeed of immediate help.

Just recently, RaffyTulfo was able to help an OFW who was taken advantage by her male employer. Aside from that, she is not given enough rest time and her salary is delayed for months. This is the reason why she asked the help of RaffyTulfo and took a video of herself explaining the hardship that she had to go through in the hands of her bad treating employer.

Just after three weeks, the Filipina was able to return to the Philippines safely. She was welcomed by one of RaffyTulfo’s reporter. The next day, the OFW was taken to the TV 5 office to meet with her mother who was waiting for her.

AsdaAmilOttoh, mother of Farhana was from Jolo Sulu. A farther province in Mindanao. She went to Manila to personally see her daughter and take her back to their hometown.

Behind her back, it turns out that RaffyTulfo is plotting a surprise for her to commemorate her patience in waiting for her daughter’s return. She waited for one month in Manila in the hopes of seeing her child.

One of RaffyTulfo’s staff started to talk to them on the phone to inform them that they encountered an incident just as they were about to go home.

“Hindi ko po maipaliwanag sir. Anghirap-hirap po kasi,” says one of the accomplices of Raffy. She also added that Farhana is being detained by their employer, forcing her to stay in the room for some time. She also said that their employer does not know that they are asking for some help.

The accomplice also said that it will take long for them to return to the Philippines because of the incident that took place just right on time of their departure.

When asked for some words for her daughter, Asda started to cry as she is very worried about her daughter’s safety. She also wants to hug her daughter as they were not able to see each other for some time.

It was then that her daughter appeared and tears started to pour.

RaffyTulfo decided to give her financial help so she can start a business. The TV host wants her to remain in the Philippines to avoid similar incidents abroad from recurring. Farhana also agreed to this set-up because she wants to be with her two children.

Before they returned to the province, they were also given time to bond and shop for their needs and her children,  all sponsored by RaffyTulfo in Action. B

Meanwhile, her agency promised to provide assistance for the OFW.

Despite all the struggles that Farhana had to go through, it is still fortunate to have someone who is willing to help them and even gave something to start with.

This is not the first time that RaffyTulfo was able to help an OFW. In fact, he became famous among OFW and kept tagging his name whenever an OFW needs immediate help. Indeed, he is a man of steel with a heart.

See clip below


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