A Canadian national went to seek the help of TV personality RaffyTulfo against his wife who cheated on him and had a baby with different men.

Screen Shot from Raffy Tulfo In Action Youtube

According to Nicholas Selin, he met RodelizaSelin in a bar in the Philippines. In the hopes of making her quit her job, Nicholas married Rodeliza and supported not just her but her entire family as well. He also sent her to school just so she can learn to earn some money of her own.

However, despite his generosity, everything ended up badly. Rodeliza ended up getting pregnant with another man’s child. At first, the Canadian thought that the baby was his and supported all child’s needs. But as it turns out, the baby was not his after a DNA was performed on them.

Nicholas returned to Canada for some reason but when he returned, his wife is again pregnant with another man’s baby. It is then that he decided to call it quits.

To avoid going to jail, the only condition that Nicholas is asking is for Rodeliza to pay the PhP50,000 which is the payment of the house which was sold by the Filipina.

Rodeliza admitted that she is still in love with Nicholas despite her confession that she already has another foreign boyfriend. Meanwhile, Nicholas stands firm into saying that there is no hope in their relationship amidst all the lies that were showered onto him. Besides, Rodeliza already has three kids from different men.

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