It is not too late for this Saudi-based OFW to change his life and become the best version of himself.

According to his mother, Carmelita, her son Neil Ryan Lorenzo is considered hopeless as he was a troublemaker since at a young age and even became a father at the young age of 15.

But everything has a reason. Maybe the life challenges that you are facing now is a call for you to change something in your life. Just like Neil Ryan.

When he was offered a job in Saudi Arabia as a factory worker, most of his salary goes to his vice – smoking cigarettes. Way back 2007, he is earning 750 Saudi Riyal (PhP9,000) a month but was always broke because of his expenses buying cigarettes. It was then that he realized he needed a change.

Instead of smoking, Neil Ryan started to save. The PhP8,000 he spends with his cigarettes were now placed inside a tin can that he made as a coin bank.

While doing that, Neil Ryan also sold fresh fish, had raffles for gadgets and gold bars that are being sold to the lucky person at a much lower price and also had a billiard pool table rented to those interested.

Neil’s life transformed and he started thinking that he needs to save up despite the little salary he gets from working abroad.

For more than three years, this became the habit of Neil Ryan. Finally, last November, he opened up the two tin cans which were filled with his savings.

The special moments were captured on cam.

Upon opening, he was able to save more than 75,400 Riyals or approximately PhP1 million pesos.

Neil Ryan’s story is an inspiration to many. The small amount you put on your savings will lead you to great things!

See video below

Posted by Neil Ryan Lorenzo on Wednesday, November 13, 2019


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