Stress and overwork caused a Filipina domestic helper from losing too much weight.

In a throwback and current photo posted by netizen Sarah Ellen AlesnaSiasico, the adverse weight loss of the OFW is very clear.

The left photo was taken before her departure in the Philippines and on the second photo, a very huge difference is visible.

The OFW became too skinny and wounds and bruises were visible on his face and neck. She is clearly suffering from bad treatment from her employer.

According to Siasico, they gave the Filipino food to eat and money that she immediately kept inside her pocket. They also took a photo of the OFW to spread online so as to gather help from the government or other personalities.

To be able to reach such appearance, the OFW could have been under stressful circumstances and the bruises on her face and neck indicate that she is being treated badly by her employer. This OFW definitely needs to be rescued as soon as possible.

Siasico hopes that the OFW will be rescued as soon as possible before something terrible happens to her.

The OFW is currently in Kuwait but aside from that, her name and the exact location remains unknown. Siasico failed to acquire the necessary information to speed up the rescue of the Filipina.

Yan sya noon b4 makaalis ngayon buto nalang kawawa at nakakadurog sa puso ng makita nmin sya kanina. Try namin sya…

Posted by Sarah Ellen Alesna Siasico on Friday, December 13, 2019

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