One would do everything to divert a child’s attention while you do household chores that must not be left unattended. To this mother, she had the most brilliant idea ever – a life-size cut-out image of the child’s mommy.

To avoid her child from crying, a mother leaves a cardboard cut-out of herself so her one-year-old son will not cry as soon as he notices that she is away.

Fuki Sato, a creative mother who shared an ingenious hack for all the parents out there, placed print up images of herself around their house so the child will feel that she is always there.

Noticing that their idea worked, the father once again brought another cut-out image of his wife to keep their baby from crying.

In a series of photos and video which was posted online, the cut-outs where placed in the kitchen and by the time their child checks for his mom, she was just there, standing at the kitchen. The father laughs as their child realizes that his mom was just in the kitchen and continued to play with his toys.

According to the father, they had this idea because their son always cries as soon as his mother disappears.

“As a countermeasure, I experimented with what would happen if I set up a ”life-sized panel mother”’ the father said. “As a result, it is not noticed for about 20 minutes. This panel may be useful occasionally.”


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