Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) particularly domestic helpers gets to meet different kinds of employers with different attitudes to deal with. There are some who are lucky enough to land on kind-hearted employers but there are also others who get to deal with the worst people.

In a video that was posted by a certain Myleene Ruelo on Facebook, she showed how her employer reacted upon knowing that the room of her child was not cleaned.

In the video, kitchenware is scattered on the floor as well as food because it was thrown to her by her employer during her fit.

Video available here

The OFW in the video can be heard saying that she is working really hard to do every household chores but she is not a robot to not get tired. In the voice of the OFW, it is obvious that she started to cry upon seeing the mess in the kitchen and the additional work she had to do because of her inconsiderate employer.

This experience can be true to a lot of OFWs working as domestic helpers. There are employers who are inconsiderate enough to understand that their helper is also a person who gets tired and needs rest and enough food.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of Filipinos who sacrifice being a domestic helper for the sake of their family in the Philippines. In fact, a greater number of Filipinos in Saudi Arabia are employed as domestic helpers.

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