Almost all Overseas Filipino Workers have this goal in mind – to invest something out of their hard-earned money and return home to their family in the Philippines while giving them financial stability.

However, there are OFWs who couldn’t keep track of this goal because of the luxury of living abroad. They tend to buy unimportant things, spend their moment on jewelry and expensive mobile phones, without thinking that this should be well invested in the Philippines, be it a house and lot, a business or mode of transportation for their family.

This OFW shares her experience on how she managed to shrug off the criticism she received from a fellow OFW.

Facebook user MhaiMansueto San Pedro said that she was inside a mall when the incident happened. A fellow Filipino went to her, looked at her from head to foot and asked if she is new abroad.

Mhai said that it is already her second contract. Confused, the other OFW asked why she doesn’t have gold (referring to gold jewelry) and a decent mobile phone. She answered by saying that “Hindi ako maluho”.

OFW House / Mhai Mansueto San Pedro

Mhai thinks that it is unnecessary to buy those stuff because she is investing something for her family back home. For the last two contracts that she had abroad, Mhai was able to invest a house and lot for her family as well as a motorcycle as their mode of transportation plus a tricycle to add to their daily income. She also claims that she can buy anything that her children want.

OFW Tricycle /Mhai Mansueto San Pedro

Mhai should be an inspiration among OFWs. It is right to leave something for yourself but always remembers your main goal in working abroad – to uplift the financial status of your family and save them from poverty.


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