Since three years ago, domestic helpers cleaning windows of high-raised buildings are banned in Hong Kong. This prompted a Filipina domestic helper to think outside the box.

A Filipina domestic helper faced the Labour Tribunal in Hong Kong and stated that she indeed filmed herself cleaning the exterior window of a 19th-floor building where her employer resides. However, the Filipina claimed that she only did it as a proof in case she falls off and not to discredit her employer.

NerieMier provided evidence over her claims of illegal dismissal against her employer last Jan. 6. She is seeking to claim $45, 931 (PhP299,665) out of this and another $13,613 (PhP88,814) for food allowance saying that her employer only gave her leftovers, instant noodles or nothing at all. Oftentimes, she together with her co-worker Girlie was forced to purchase their own food.

The employer identified as Garfield Ip Kam-tim denied the allegations of the Filipina that he ordered her to clean the exterior window. The employer claimed that when the video of Mier cleaning the outside window went viral, the Consulate immediately notified him and his violations for allowing his maid to do dangerous jobs.

According to Mier, she took the video when her employer’s wife ordered her to clean the exterior window of their flat despite feeling sick. Fearing for worst things to happen, she took a video of herself and sent it to her husband in the Philippines. Her husband then took the video to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office for immediate action.

“My male employer accused me of sharing the video on social media. The fact is, I sent the video to my husband because if I fell from the ledge, he would know I was cleaning the window,” says Mier.

The hearing will continue on Jan. 13.


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