A decent house to go home to seems to be the dream of almost all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). It is so good to return home to your country and see the fruit of your hard work – a house and lot.

As simple as it might be, considering that Filipino workers abroad have higher salaries compared to the ones received by regular workers in the Philippines, there are still a lot of temptations abroad.

Discounted items are everywhere, the latest gadgets can be obtained just in a few clicks and the lifestyle abroad is totally expensive than that in the Philippines. These things leave OFW broken financially.

However, OFW GinalynJunkurt became tough among these temptations and decided to save her money to build a house in the Philippines.

From Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Ginalyn went to Hong Kong to find a decent-paying job to materialize her dream of owning a comfortable house for her family.

The previous house of Ginalyn was hit by a typhoon, destroying their entire house. But Ginalyn didn’t lose hope in life.

In just a matter of two years, Ginalyn worked hard in Hong Kong to fix their broken house. Their house always gets flooded, said the OFW.

In the ‘before and after’ picture of the house of Ginalyn, the difference is very clear. Previously, their house is made from wood which can be easily shaken by strong winds. However, the recent development in her house is quite inspiring.

This time, the house of Ginalyn is now made from strong materials such as blocks and cement. Though the construction is still ongoing, Ginalyn is confident that she can finish her dream house as long as her work in HK continues to be stable.

Truly, nothing is impossible for a hard-working person.

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