A husband of an OFW in Taiwan is asking for help from RaffyTulfo after he was allegedly dumped by his wife for another man.

Screen Capture from Raffy Tulfo in Action YouTube

In a series of photos, Sonny Guzman, who works as a farmer, showed how dismayed he is upon knowing that his wife is in a relationship with another man while working as a domestic helper in Taiwan.

Devastated as he may, RaffyTulfo said that the OFW can be deported knowing that she is legally married to Sonny. Since the OFW was under an agency, RaffyTulfo decided to ask the help of her recruitment agency for her immediate repatriation.

Screen Capture from Raffy Tulfo in Action YouTube

The OFW went to Taiwan last July 2017 and since then, she never returned to the Philippines. Because of this, Sonny decided to personally go to Taiwan to check the situation of his wife. It was then that he knew that she had a boyfriend there.

Sonny busted the illicit relationship of her wife with another man through a mobile phone that she gave him. There’s this one photo that sparked doubts on him. He decided to download an app to recover deleted photos, it is then that he got solid proof of his wife’s infidelity.

Screen Capture from Raffy Tulfo in Action YouTube

Because of all the proof that RaffyTulfo saw, even those intimate ones, he became determined to help the poor husband and deport the cheating OFW.



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