A Filipina in Hong Kong was seen crying on the streets after her wallet containing her hard-earned money was stolen from her.

Screen captured from YouTube

In the video, a group of Filipino circled a woman, crying after realizing that her hard-earned money which was supposed to be sent to her sick mother in the Philippines was stolen from her.

It is said that the woman strolled and bought something before her wallet was stolen inside her bag. Upon realizing that her money was taken from her, the Filipina started to cry out loud and sat on the side of the wrong, unable to think of what to do next.

Luckily, there are a lot of Filipinos in the area who helped the woman and gave her money. She thanked each one of them as she cried.


Last year, it can be recalled that thieves, be it Filipinos or other nationalities, were caught roaming around Hong Kong trying to prey on unsuspecting victims and taking their valuables.

Screen captured from YouTube

In November 2018, a Filipina loses $4,000 to a thief while walking at the Central in Hong Kong. The incident was captured in CCTV footage and the face of the thief who turns out to be Filipina was clearly seen. However, it remains unclear whether the Filipina thief was caught or not.

See video below


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